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Commencing a business online does not end your job? You need to market your business through various online marketing channels. If you are done with this, the next biggest thing is to trace out how your site is performing? Where visitors are coming from? How long they are staying on your site? What pages they are viewing more often? What key words they are often searching for? Finding an answer for all sorts of questions is a daunting task for every webmaster. Hence, to help you out the concept of Google analytics and web services has rolled out.

What is Google analytics?

Google analytics is a powerful tool that helps you to dig all such information and make you understand the customer behavior, potential customer and their interaction with the site.

When you develop a website, you will be investing lots of time and money on various online marketing channels such as advertising, search engine placement, email campaigns, bookmarks, etc. to market your product or service. So, understanding from where your website traffic is coming from is extremely important in this scenario. Here, Google analytics can help you out by giving a clear picture of your site performance so that you can easily trace out what is working and what is not. Through Google analytics you can know what search terms are leading to your web visit and which social media is generating more traffic acquisition. This type of analysis will help you to explore which features of your website are actually driving traffic and which are not.

How it helps your business?

Google analytics is incredible a robust tool that keeps track of number of pages viewed, customer insights, campaign data and many more. It generates detailed statistic reports about visitors to your website. These reports helps you to find out from where visitors are coming from, what they are doing while on your site, how often they come back and how they are navigating on your website.

Why Google analytics?

Customers may end up on your website through numerous marketing channels, which include search engine results, links from social media sites, popup ads and banner ads. With the help of Google analytics you can able to view your site’s performance at a fine level of detail through which you can easily find out what’s effective and what’s not. Website analytics gives you extremely useful information, which if interpreted correctly and acted upon could yield excellent results for your businesses.

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