Google Results show Direct Link to Authority Sites

Google is either testing or has implemented a feature which show direct links to Authority sites in the Instant Search results.

Note: I would like to add that to see this set Google Search Settings as “Never Show Instant Results”. The result was visible whether a user is logged in or not in Google, but now its visible when you are not logged into your Google account.

One such example can be seen below.


In the Instant search results above a direct link to Wikipedia page of the city Bangalore is being shown. When clicked it takes the user directly to the Wikipedia page bypassing the ordered list of search results based on SEO.

Above looks like a test as it was shown only for select search terms only. It could change the way people search as they directly go to the link of the website for general terms. It can take away a significant amount of traffic for top sites on the first page.

Some of the other examples of the above are:

Are you also getting it in the Google search results. Do let us know in comments.


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