Viral Marketing Campaign- Why it is essential for Online Businesses?

Viral marketing, also known as viral advertising refers to a process of using social networks and other techniques either to increase brand awareness or achieve various marketing objectives through self-replicating viral process. Viral marketing can done through various modes including video clips, ebooks, interactive flash, images, email messages, advergames, text messages and web pages.

Significance of Viral marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that provokes websites or users to pass on a message to various sites or users, building an exponential growth for the message’s visibility and effect. In simplistic terms, we can define viral marketing is a process of creating a marketing buzz for new product releases or bringing a business to the forefront of customer’s mind. Similar to viruses, viral marketing strategies make use of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands to millions.

Viral marketing campaigns make use of catchy medium to pass a message through various online modes including blogs, posts, microblogs, crowdsourcing and so on. The actual message will be in the form of an advertorial. The main intention of a viral marketing campaign is to increase the brand awareness rather than conversion of clicks into sales of a particular product.

How it helps your business?
And, the growth of social networking extensively contributed to the effectiveness of viral marketing. When viral marketing is undertaken, a message may go viral because the viewers either forward email messages with associated links to friends or encourages others to visit particular pages on the internet, which lead to word-of-mouth brand awareness. With this, the visitors to the particular message will quickly multiply. People who share a viral marketing message are called sneezers and the actual message is referred as marketing meme.

Viral Marketing Methods
According to marketing professors, to make a successful viral network, three basic criteria should be met. The three metrics are messenger, message and environment. A message should be given to the right messengers at the right time.

Market mavens, salespeople and social hubs are the three specific types of messengers that are required to ensure the right transformation of a message into a viral one.

Only the messages that are both interesting and memorable have the potential to spur a viral marketing phenomenon.

Environment plays a crucial role to make a viral marketing successful– a small change in the environment lead to huge results. Also, the timing and milieu of the campaign launch must be right.

Why Choose Viral Marketing?
Viral marketing is mostly preferred by following reasons:
 Deliver free services and product
 Easy transfer of messages
 Exploits common behavior and motivations
 Use reliable network for communication
 Increase growth of small to large firms
 Cost-effective

Viral marketing is based on three important principles-Social profile gathering, Real-time key word density analysis and Proximity market analysis. A perfect blend of these three techniques will make a viral marketing campaign successful.

The ultimate goal of marketers launching viral marketing campaign is-to create viral messages that attract individuals with maximum social networking potential (SNP). The initial step for marketers creating a viral promotion is choosing a right viral marketing strategy, which completely depends on your target audience, business goals and media that you use to reach people.

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